in Southwestern Alaska

If you love fly fishing, take a trip to Alaska to fly fish with Jose Marti of Chile on the Fly. Fish the rivers and streams of Southwestern Alaska, including the Kvichak, Naknek, Lower American, Morain, Talerick, Brooks, Kulik, Margo and Featherly, for Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Artic Char and Grayling. In fact, the Kvichack river is home to the largest Sockeye run in the world, with three to five million, 6-8 pound fish making the run yearly.

Another major river we fish is the Alagnak, for all species. Sink your hook into King Salmon, Sockeye, Chum and Silver salmon. You’ll stay at premiere fishing lodges in Alaska, heading out in small groups of only two anglers per guide. Trips consist of walk in waders or boat trips.

Adventure Fly Fishing in Southern Alaska

Come fly-fish in Alaska. Drop your line in the Kvichak, Talerick and Naknek Rivers for trophy Rainbow Trout. These fish are primarily fished at the end of the season; the best time being September and October.

Early season Alaska (June 6-18) is for trophy Rainbow Trout on our home river the Kvichak (first 2 weeks of the season). We call it the "Smolt Migration"--all of last years' baby salmon are trying to make it closer to the ocean while being chased and hunted by trout and char.

Early season is also an excellent time for "Dry Fly" fishing opportunities. For example, this year we had the best Mouse fishing I have ever wittnesed. (Rainbow trout smashing a Mouse pattern on the surface, dry fly).

After the first two weeks, we also target King Salmon a really popular fish. By the end of June and early July, the Sockeye start running and we fish for those as well. Our anglers enjoy taking those fine fish home to eat.

Prime time in Alaska is the middle of August. By the first week of August, the Sockeye Salmon start to spawn, thus making catching fish easy, using beads*, and indicators. (*Beads are imitation salmon eggs, fished w/ an Indicator such as a bobber.) After the second week of August, fishing is spectacular.

Also in late June and early August, Silver Salmon begin to enter the system. This is a highly sought after sport fish: they attack the fly on the strip,(moving a fly rapidly through the water). This makes for a good challenge. The Sockeye Salmon do not chase a fly like all the other salmon species. Silver Salmon are also really good to eat.

My favorite time to fish in Alaska is late September and October, because the Rainbow trout are at their largest.

Salmon seasons in Alaska:

King Salmon (June 15 – July 25)

Fish the Naknek and other rivers for the strong, wily King Salmon, one of the most challenging fish you’ll ever catch. These 50 pound giants require skill and finesse, as well as the best of your gear to land.

hook sockeye salmon on guided fly fishing in Alaska with Jose Marti

Sockeye Salmon (June 28 – July 20)
Watch in amazement as over 20,000 Sockeye salmon make their way along the Kvichak river, right next to the Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Then, prepare to grab your gear and try your hand at catching some of these tasty beauties.

fly-fishing for monster King, silver and sockeye salmon in Alaska with Jose Marti

Silver Salmon (July 25 – Sept 25)
Get ready for a contest when you land your line in the water, preparing to hook a Silver salmon. Considered by many to be some of the hardest fighting of all the Alaska salmon, these huge, feisty fish are sure to be a fun challenge.

hook chum salmon with guided fly fishing in Alaska

Chum Salmon (July 20 – Aug 20)
Think the Chum salmon isn’t worth your time? Think again! These underrated fish are known for their intense strike and impressive, reel stripping runs. At an average weight of 9-22 pounds, these fish have humbled even the most seasoned of fly fishermen.

Trout Seasons in Alaska:

Arctic Char (June 8 – Oct 1st) and Leopard Rainbow Trout (July 5th-August 25th)
Like an autumn leaf turning beautiful fall colors, the Arctic Char is one of Alaska’s most beautiful fish when spawning. In fact, the Arctic Char is known for being highly variable in color, depending on the time or year and the environmental conditions of the lake or stream where it lives. Cast your hook into 30” rainbow-like Arctic Char or land 10 pounds of Rainbow trout, with Jose Marti of Chile on the Fly

guided fly fishing for jumbo trout in Alaska with Jose Marti

Fall Rainbow Trout (Aug 20 – Sept 30)
Brave the brisk Alaska late season summer for an opportunity to catch a true Trophy Rainbow trout. Jose will guide you to the best places to catch one of these jumbo Rainbows.

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